The Booming of B2B Electronic Commerce

The information updates with a quick pace, nowadays. It is important to grasp the needed information timely to serve our study, work and daily life. In fact, the internet does favor people a lot. We can’t ignore the benefits from the wide use of computers. Actually, the prosperity of the industry is closely related to the development of the internet.

In the 21st century, the essence of the competition locates not in the market, but in the industrial chains. But in most companies, they usually increase profits by enlarging the scale of producing and enhancing the process of selling. It is not wise to do so. At this moment, the b2b electronic commerce comes into being to get rid of this unpleasant situation. It considers about supplier, producer, and users etc. It aims to meet the requirement, reduce the cost and maximize the benefits. They are popular out of the following advantages.

Firstly, it is possible to share information together. With the help of self-or third-party e-commerce platform, it is easy to access to information sources, funding, team building and expand the coverage of information. Secondly, it is easy to take strategic cooperation. With the monitoring system through the Internet by credit accumulation and credit transactions, iron and steel enterprises can build their own core partner team, and can strengthen market co-operation with key partners to expand the business. At last, it is favorable for large savings in transaction costs. Collaborative e-commerce completely open up the participants in the internal information system and achieve complete transactions online delivery through banks. So what are the major functions of the electronic commerce?

The advertising is a basic thing. It is a way to show and attract customers. The home pages and e-mails are major and useful ways to do so. Then the consultation is basic, too. Emails, news groups and whiteboard conference are necessary to grasp the newest and most significant information. The deal can be done through web and online banks. Besides, e-commerce can be very easy to collect user feedback on the sales and service which is necessary for companies to make further progress. And the management of the entire transaction will involve the human, financial, and material in many areas, business and enterprise, business and enterprise customers, and other aspects of the coordination and management. Therefore, transaction management is involved indeed in business activities. Some particular web sites focus on valves, shafts and seals are new trials.

Actually, the b2b electronic commerce is going to be a trend for deals in the future, except the industry. Hope the prosperous development would be sustainable development.