The Advantages Of Electronic Commerce

When well respected consultancies start to talk about Electronic commerce making up almost fifty percent of total retail sales within a few short years then it has to be more than just a trend. Electronic commerce is set to have an impact on our daily lives such as mankind has not experienced since the invention of the wheel.

But just what are its major advantages and why are they so important?

Overcoming geographical limitations has to be one of the greatest advantages of this type of trading. When a customer can not only buy online at the click of a mouse, but review what he or she is going to buy before they make a choice, and then have it delivered once their choice is made it is a very compelling argument for what some are predicting will be the death of the high street. Shopping online not only saves the high cost of fuel and parking charges when people sally forth to their local mall or shopping centre, it gives people a huge bonus in all the extra “free” or leisure time they then have at their disposal. And in today’s world is a very prized possession indeed!

The second major advantage for any business is that anyone selling practically any type of goods or services can attract customers they would never previously have dreamed of having. These customers again will be attracted to look on the internet for what they want and they can be anywhere in the world. Someone can set up an online store and compete alongside the retail giants whose size brings them little or no advantage in the marketplace. To those who say that an established brand is important, we would argue that the small independent online retailer actually has a distinct advantage if they set up their business to appear more “personal” as many people prefer to deal with individuals rather than large “faceless” corporations. And that translates into the third advantage in that whether you are a multi million pound or dollar corporation or an online retailer with just a few thousand a month turnover, because there are so many ways to use free methods to find customers on the internet, the big corporations cannot use their size to trade at a lower cost. In fact just the opposite may well apply.

The cost of acquiring customers by using so many of the methods on the internet, such as pay per click, social media, organic search are almost exactly the same whatever size of organisation you are. Time then to think seriously about starting your own online business and joining the retail revolution. One not of caution however. Find a good company who will support you whilst you are doing it as there is a lot to learn!